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Welcome to “Le Colline”

The restaurant “Le Colline” will captivate you in every sense, with delicious culinary masterpieces prepared on the spot, in a warm and intimate atmosphere with modern environments. Whether you stop for a lunch or a dinner, always always chosen, both for the most important occasions, and for every day. In addition to the restaurant kitchen you can also enjoy excellent pizzas to fulfill any culinary desire of the customers. A fixed price, with the possibility to choose the pizzeria service (only 9 euros), the restaurant service (only 10 euros) and the steak house service (only 18 euros).

The kitchen of the restaurant “Le Colline” stands out for the first choice ingredients sought and personally selected by the Chef. Each dish is cooked by selecting the best basic ingredients and everything is treated in detail. The intimate and suitable atmosphere is for the most important dinners than for the most intimate and personal ones.

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Our dishes

In this restaurant it is possible to enjoy a perfect Italian menu starting from the revisited classic cuisine but without ever departing from the original flavors of the dishes. From appetizers to first course. up to selected meats and our very special desserts make this fantastic place perfect for a lunch break and / or a relaxing dinner. Each dish is new and good, and has a story to tell from the aromas and flavors that are simple but interesting on the palate. As for the dishes, the wine list is also “versatile” and diversified to satisfy as many palates as possible. For years this restaurant has been offering its customers all its professionalism, quality and courtesy in order to make its customers feel as if they were at home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]